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Let us help you reach your goal of zero waste.

Plastic recycling and reuse...meeting your environmental goals 

You can rely on PFA as a valuable partner in the design and implementation of your corporate strategic plastic recycling programs. You can have confidence knowing you are in compliance,  reducing waste to landfill.   Reaching your corporate goals and initiatives by operating an environmentally responsible enterprise, reducing your company's carbon footprint and improving your bottom line.   Our expertise of 20 plus years in the automotive packaging and plastics industry, along with our extensive resources and networking throughout North America, has proven to be our formula for success developing proprietary  processes bringing the maximum value to our customers.

Today's responsibility for a greener world

Recycled plastics help to create new, reusable and Eco-friendly products while keeping millions of pounds of waste from entering our landfills. During the grinding process all of our materials pass through two banks of rare earth magnets and a non-ferrous metal separator to protect against metal contamination. Our environmentally friendly dry air-wash system virtually eliminates dust, dirt, paper, fines and other forms of contamination. The end result is a very clean final product while protecting our lakes, rivers and streams.


Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Veteran minority owned small business

Veteran Owned Small Business

Veteran Owned Small Business

We pride ourselves as a Veteran Minority Owned business, earning the trust of many of our valued customers and Tier 1 Partners. PFA is a certified veteran-owned company.  Founded by two of the most experienced and respected experts in plastic reuse. PFA offers affordable, world-class recycling solutions to organizations committed to a greener world.  PFA has grown considerably over the past 20 years and is committed to improving our community, employees and environment. PFA is recognized as a longtime "Certified" minority supplier and listed on many portfolios in corporate diversity procurement programs. 

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